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‘ONE INGREDIENT THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING.’ Robert Brannon launched Olaplex in June 2015. This miracle product is a revolutionary colour upgrade service, it become a sensation in hairdressing and among celebrities. Everyone is talking about it, so here is all you need to know about this incredible service.

 > What is Olaplex?

Olaplex should NOT be mistaken for the conditioning treatments you are familiar with, it’s far more than a treatment. It is a service that allows us to bleach, colour, highlight and balayage and much more without weakening the internal structure (disulphide bonds).

 > Which means?

Hair can be transformed more dramatically than ever before without worry. Fine coloured hair can grow properly with reduced breakage, thick hair can be bleached without the swelling. Colour tones last longer without fading, colour corrections can be simpler with immediate satisfaction. In a nut shell…all chemical services are dramatically improved!

 > How long does it last?

Olaplex is permanent, when a disulphide bond is fixed its fixed. The condition of your hair thereafter is dependent on how you treat your hair. Colouring without Olaplex, heat styling, weather damage, low quality products will all effect the condition of your hair. So regular Olaplex services are highly recommended to help you achieve perfect hair.

 > How is it used?

Olaplex is used in 3 steps:

No.1: is added to the chemicals used in your appointment, to fight against bond damage during development.
No.2 : Comes after the colour is rinsed and is applied to rebuild any remaining broken bonds that may have slipped through the net.
No.3 : Is a take home product that will maintain your Olaplex to optimum condition and protect against any day to day bond weakening such as blow drying, heat tools, combing, weather conditions etc (highly recommended).

Does it have to be used with colour?

Colour is the primary focus of Olaplex but it can be done as a ‘stand alone service’ where it can be used without colouring, Your stylist may require you to have a ‘stand alone service’ if they are concerned about your current hair condition and you are planning a big change. Olaplex can also be added to, keratin treatments, perms and chemical straighteners.

What is a ‘stand alone service’?

Your stylist will use the Olaplex without mixing it with colour, often used to improve the condition prior to dramatic colour changes on impaired hair condition, as hair with dramatically damaged disulphide bonds will need repairing in advance. This will not be needed on stronger hair. The ‘stand alone service’ can also be used on natural weak hair or between colour appointments for a dramatic boost in strength. Bare in mind that applying Olaplex in this manner costs more than adding it to a colour service as we have to use much more product to cover.

So now can I have any colour?

This still depends on how your hair is currently. Some colours will still be unachievable in one visit though less than ever, but some intense colours e.g. reds, blacks, violets are difficult to lift and can take time. Hair thats already in very bad condition may need strengthening with a stand alone Olaplex service on separate appointments leading up to a big transformation. Ask your stylist to give you a better idea.


To keep up with the benefits of Olaplex, don’t forget to use conditioners and conditioning masques as it is not a conditioning treatment. We also advise backing it up with professional sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. After all if your going to to treat yourself to this miracle service you’re not going to ruin it with any old junk, right!?